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We value our patients' experience at Fuller Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Readere to view.

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Dr. Joseph Fuller

"A friend of mine told me about Dr. Fuller's great work with allergies. I have been suffering with allergies from the time I was 10 years old. I went through a series of shots, which unfortunately was not helpful. I continued with these problems until recently. I began care with Dr. Fuller, and I can say now that I am 35 years old, I can breathe through my nose not affected by the seasonal changes as I once was. I am in the best health of my life. Thank you Dr. Fuller."

-L. D.

"I sought consultation with Dr. Fuller after I was scheduled for low back surgery. I did not tell Dr. Fuller I was scheduled for surgery during our consultation but following his diagnostic workup he told me he felt that he could help but he needed a little bit of time. It was at that point that I told him I was scheduled for surgery in 10 days. He agreed to begin care and if I did not find any improvement he felt that surgery may be needed but to consider working with him for 2 weeks.

"After about 4 treatments I was feeling significantly better, canceled my surgery and continued the treatment program with Dr. Fuller.

"I went back to my orthopaedic surgeon, he did all the tests and said I no longer needed surgery. I had no more pain in my legs and was pain free.

"About 6 months after my treatment I was happy to come to Dr. Fuller's office with a huge bowling trophy. I had not only regained my strength in my back but also my bowling form and was the winner of a citywide tournament.

"Thank you Dr. Fuller."

-S. B.

"I have had headaches since I was 6 or 7 years old. I am now 20 and can now say for the first time that I can remember in my life that I don't have headaches. I was referred by my sister to Dr. Fuller for an evaluation to see if he could help with my headaches.

"After careful examination it was determined that I had a pinched nerve in my neck which was causing muscle spasms and tension at the back of my head and neck. After a few treatments I no longer had any headaches. I have freedom of movement in my neck. I am excited because I can study without any headaches and have seen my grades improve in college. I strongly recommend Dr. Fuller."

-H. H.

"After having tried numerous medications for my migraine headaches, a friend of mine told me to go see Dr. Fuller. Dr. Fuller was able to isolate the cause of my migraines and then provide treatment that corrected the problem. I no longer have any migraine headaches. My overall health is much better. I enjoy the fact that I am able to exercise without pain or fear of inducing a headache. I strongly recommend Dr. Fuller not only for migraine headaches but neck pain or back pain as I have seen the benefit of other patients since coming to his office."

-J. W.

"I was involved in a car accident where I injured my neck and my back and I suffered daily headaches. I had tried medications and physical therapy but without much benefit. When the drugs wore off, I was still in a lot of pain and the therapy did not seem to progress anywhere only tended to aggravate my problems. On recommendations from a friend I saw Dr. Fuller and began his spinal rehabilitation program. Through adjustments and acupuncture I was able to find great relief. I am without pain today, in fact, I am enjoying some of the better health I have ever had in my life. I credit chiropractic care and Dr. Fuller's expertise for my recovery and ongoing great health. If you are not feeling well or have unsolved health problems I strongly recommend Dr. Fuller."

-R. K.

"I first came to Dr. Fuller because I was having tremendous pain in my neck and back. Dr. Fuller began to treat these conditions utilizing chiropractic techniques and electroacupuncture. Through our discussions I found out that Dr. Fuller treated allergies. He performed a number of tests and determined that I was allergic to not a few things but actually dozens of everyday-type items from food to airborne/environmental substances.

"I realized in my history of having back pain as long as I can remember (20+ years) and having seen many doctors I became aware that my ongoing pain was the result of my allergies and subsequent inflammation. I learned that inflammation and stresses such as allergens can promote spinal imbalances/neurological overloads affecting my immune system as well as my nervous system.

"Through Dr. Fuller's treatment I have been able to become allergy free, I have more energy than I can remember. I don't have any problems. I don't have any more spinal problems. My allergies to cigarette smoke, perfumes, dairy, wheat, and vegetable oils just to name a few are completely gone. I no longer have the spasms in my back. I can breathe freely and no longer have the puffiness in my sinus area and the itching in my eyes.

"Dr. Fuller's innovative treatment integrating the systems of chiropractic, acupuncture, nutrition, and applied kinesiology have worked wonders with me. As a result I have sent in at least a dozen of satisfied patients to Dr. Fuller. He really saved my life and a number of my family members' lives as well. Thank you Dr. Fuller."

-J. H.

"We brought our son to see Dr. Fuller because he was having allergies, but he was also having tremendous difficulty in doing his homework. After a number of tests it was determined that our son was allergic to wheat and dairy and also paper products. After having received treatment to eliminate these sensitivities our son became a straight-A student. It was most interesting that he would always complain when he was doing his homework, being a 10 year old we thought it was just because it was homework. He now enjoys doing his homework because he no longer is allergic to paper, and he is excelling in school. He is no longer allergic to wheat and dairy, and hay fever is an item of the past. Oh by the way, he had terrible headaches because of his sinuses on a nearly daily basis. Those are gone, and he is becoming a star athlete in many sports as he enters high school. Thank you Dr. Fuller."

-D. R.

"The story of my struggle to regain my health is not unique in any way, but I feel that I have found a solution.

"One morning in July 1997, I woke up with excruciating joint pain, hardly able to get out of bed when, just the night before, I went to sleep feeling fine.It was as if something had gotten into my system 'overnight'.After seeing the puffiness in my hands (and weeks later in my feet) that would hardly allow me to close them, let alone make a tight fist, I had a surge of panic.

"I knew that joint inflammation usually meant some type of arthritis, which I was somewhat familiar with as my mother had rheumatoid arthritis the last 5 years of her life.She had been in constant pain; now I was able to relate to what she had gone through.

"Over the next year I read and researched everything I could relating to joint inflammation.I practically lived at the health food stores and when anyone would tell me of something to try because they knew of someone who had similar symptoms, I tried it, only to discover I was getting worse and probably overloading myself with vitamins and other nutritional supplements.

"After almost a year and a half of experimenting with different 'natural' remedies, which gave me no relief, my brother insisted I go to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL to get help.As I assumed I had some type of arthritis, to which I knew there was no cure, I realized that the only thing the doctors at Mayo could do was give me a diagnosis.I tried to feel positive about that and felt if I knew what I was dealing with I would be better able to cope and see about planning a different course of action.(By now, the pain had gotten into my legs and it was getting difficult to walk.)Sure enough, the two doctors that were assigned to me, after much blood work and an MRI, diagnosed me with connective tissue disease…lupus and scleroderma.I was told to 'learn to live with it but don't let it take over your life'.Then they put me on the steroid, Prednisone, which I had heard was called 'the miracle drug that can kill you.'

"Over the years, because of my mom's illness, the two things I learned to intensely dislike were doctors and any type of medication.But with the constant pain I was experiencing, I had no choice but to listen to them and take the pills.

"I never would accept 'learn to live with it', so I continued my search to heal myself.I read time and time again about people being healed by prayer, doing cleanses, taking herbs and other homeopathic remedies, all of which I did, but to no avail.

"As my pain increased, I got what I considered desperate and ended up seeing different types of doctors (over the next three years) for some kind of relief…internists, rheumatologists, an acupuncture doctor, nutritionist, homeopathic doctor, and allergist.The only thing most of them prescribed was Prednisone, which I began to realize had terrible side effects.

"One day, a friend of mine called and asked if I'd ever heard of NAET…Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique, to which I told her I hadn't.She insisted I check it out and that it really works on most types of illnesses.Well, I'd heard that before, and figured this was just one more 'hokey' cure.But, I also felt that I'd since researched so much already, what was one more?You just never know.After reading extensively about NAET I found a chiropractor that practiced the technique and made an appointment.

"A few days later, I found myself in the office of Dr. Joseph Fuller, who changed my life.I have to say that it was with quite a bit of reluctance and skepticism about chiropractors that I went to this appointment.I'm sure Dr. Fuller's first impression of me was not a very good one, as some of the first words out of my mouth were 'I'm really sick of doctors and I hate medications'.I told him I was there only because a good friend of mine insisted I try this technique; I then asked him to be honest and tell me the percentage of people it works on, to which he replied 'I've never known it not to work'.I thought to myself - I'll be the first to prove that statement wrong.Well, fortunately he was right.I began the NAET, but after four months, I had not felt any better and began to have my doubts about the treatment.I seriously thought about stopping them, but 'something' - perhaps my spirit, told me not to.I seemed to have a good rapport with Dr. Fuller and he always made sense when he answered my questions.

"About my fifth month into NAET, I began to notice something different…I was having less pain!I realized it one evening (when my pain was always worse and debilitating) when I was doing some housework, and I was actually able to bend and move and not hurt.The following week when I saw Dr. Fuller and he asked how I was feeling, I replied 'better - but I don't want to talk about it' (as if by doing so my pain might return).My days and nights continued to be comfortable and two weeks later when I returned for another appointment with Dr. Fuller, I told him I was still feeling better and asked him what was going on.He replied that the treatment was working and that it usually takes about four to five months to work.

"It has now been six months since I started to feel better.I've learned not to take my health for granted and that tomorrow, when I wake up, I'll be feeling fine' instead, when I wake up I thank God for letting me get out of bed with relatively little discomfort and I thank him for leading me to Dr. Fuller, who is one of the kindest and most caring people I've had the pleasure of knowing.AND - it has certainly changed my attitude, for the better, about chiropractors."


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